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IIPPE - International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy



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IIPPE was founded in 2006 with the aim of promoting political economy in and of itself but also through critical and constructive engagement with mainstream economics, heterodox alternatives, interdisciplinarity, and activism understood broadly as ranging across formulating progressive policy through to support for progressive movements. Thus, in terms of intellectual content and direction, we see ourselves as commanding and criticising mainstream economics, offering alternatives from within political economy, addressing the nature of contemporary capitalism and corresponding policy and applied issues, and drawing upon and contributing to the presence of political economy, and critique of "economics imperialism", within other disciplines. Although we do expect Marxist political economy to have a strong presence and to be engaged with seriously as such by participants, IIPPE is a pluralistic forum where all progressive brands of political economy are welcome. (More about IIPPE)

If you wish to sign up to or contact IIPPE, let us know by emailing

Fourth International Conference in Political Economy

The ongoing economic and political crises place two related questions on history’s agenda. In the face of the dismal failure of the continuing, mostly overt neoliberal policies to resolve the deep problems, what alternative economic strategies should be pursued? And a more radical form of that same question, are alternative economic structures and an entirely different system of economic structures and practices necessary? The second question is concerns the sorts of actions that must be engaged to move the political process on to a path of alternative outcomes, from mild reforms to major transformation (and the connection between the two). The 2013 Annual Conference of IIPPE will focus on these questions. Deadline for abstracts of individual papers and panels: February 15, 2013. See the Call for Papers.

Third International Conference in Political Economy

The collapse of Lehman Brothers on 16 September 2008 has opened a new stage of economic history, ushering in the world’s worst recession since WWII. The trajectory of global capitalism has been diverse but, after three years of deep crisis, protracted economic problems persist and are even intensifying, notwithstanding accelerated growth in a number of large developing countries. Taking pluralism as the means for bringing together the community of critical economists, this joint conference, called by two major international and one of the largest national networks of political economy and social scientists, will breathe fresh air into an otherwise moribund intellectual atmosphere. It is a major event that will bring together scholars from all strands of political economy and heterodox economics in order to discuss their future and the recent developments in the global economy and in economic science following the global economic crisis. Submissions of individual abstract or panel proposals along the following non-exclusive themes are welcomed. The deadline for submission of both individual abstracts of papers and proposals for panels is the 31st January 2012. See the Call for Papers.

Second International Conference in Political Economy

The global crisis of the last years of the “noughties” has cruelly exposed the deficiencies not only of mainstream economics but also of broader strands of political economy from across the social sciences more generally that have promoted neoliberalism. This conference will probe much deeper into the multiple crises of economic science, informed by the perspectives of political economy that have long been ignored and marginalised by the mainstream, whether deriving from critical political economy and heterodox economics or from the treatment of the economy from across the social sciences as a whole. The ultimate aim is to explore new avenues in promoting and developing critical political economy in view of recent developments. As well as engagements with economics and the economic, we are seeking individual contributions and proposals for panels that address Neoliberalism and the Crises of Economic Science. The deadline for submission of both individual abstracts of papers and proposals for panels is the 28th of February 2011. See the Call for Papers.

First International Conference in Political Economy

The First International Conference in Political Economy co-organised by the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE) and the Greek Scientific Association of Political Economy was a huge success. It proved to be a very interesting and stimulating experience in all respects and for all involved. The numbers well exceeded our expectations with 140 papers presented. Almost one hundred of these have been uploaded on our website. There were representatives from more than 20 countries, mostly from Europe but also from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Japan, South Korea, India, Turkey, Kenya and South Africa. About 40 papers were directly related to the theme of the conference.

IIPPE Newsletter

IIPPE Research Workshop

Around 60 IIPPE members from more than a dozen countries gathered on September 14-15 at the Middle Eastern Technical University in Ankara (Turkey) for IIPPE’s 3rd. International Research Workshop. In the wake of the success of the previous two editions in Crete and Procida, this event was proof of IIPPE’s continuing growth in terms of both geographic and thematic scope. The Workshop, which was co-organised by the Turkish Social Sciences Association, counted in particular with the participation of a large number of Turkish heterodox and Marxist researchers — a majority of whom research students —, in a remarkable display of the vitality of political economy in this country.

The Second International IIPPE research workshop was held in Italy in September 2008. This was organised by L'Orientale University of Naples and brought together more than 70 participants from over 10 countries. Over 40 papers were presented, including 30 by research students and other young colleagues. 12 parallel sessions were held, of which six were closely associated with longer standing IIPPE Working Groups (three for finance, two for neoliberalism, and one for commodity studies) and three were related to newly formed Working Groups (developmental state, heterodoxy, and labour).

IIPPE Organisation Fee (2012)

Scholars: €30.00
PhD Students: €15.00   

Political Economy and Development (IIPPE Book Series)

With world financial crises no longer a distant memory, and neo-liberalism and post-modernism in retreat, prospects for political economy have strengthened. It allows constructive liaison between the dismal and other social sciences and rich potential in charting and explaining combined and uneven devel- opment. This Series’ objective supports revival and renewal of political economy both in itself and in dialogue with other social sciences.

What's new in IIPPE

IIPPE training workshop in Marxist Political Economy
The International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy announces a two-day training workshop in Marxist Political Economy to take place on 25 and 26 June 2012 at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. We are seeking an audience of engaged participants, including postgraduate students, junior academics and activists, who have a particular interest in acquainting themselves with the principles of Marxian political economy and their contemporary relevance in a semi-formal educational setting. The workshop will be led by Ben Fine, Photis Lysandrou and Simon Mohun. Limited funding is available to support travel costs (from within the UK), but not accommodation costs. If you wish to apply to attend the workshop, please send your name, occupation and a short (one paragraph) account of why you want to participate to before 30 April 2012. The workshop is supported financially by the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust.

African Association for Promoting Political Economy (AAPPE)
The African Association for Promoting Political Economy (AAPPE) was launched on the 13th of July, 2011, in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) during the conference « Dynamiques de croissance au sein de l’UEMOA » (12-14 of July 2011), organised by the West African Economic and Monetary Union, WAEMU.

A new WG page (Urban and Regional Political Economy) has been added

Fetishism and the Value-form: Towards a General Theory of Value
By Desmond McNeill

The Political Economy of Development: The World Bank, Neoliberalism and Development Research
By Kate Bayliss, Ben Fine, Elisa Van Waeyenberge
This book is available at a discount for IIPPE members.
This second book in the IIPPE series presents an extensive critical assessment of World Bank research, with contributions from experts on aid, social capital, privatisation, HIV/AIDS, agriculture, financial sector liberalisation, violence and conflict, and China.

Istanbul Conference Business Meeting Minutes are available

Conference 2011
Conference Programme
Membership Meeting Agenda (Saturday, 21 May 2011)

Uploading papers: Please send your completed paper (12 pt, double-spaced) in pdf format as an attachment to by 7th May or as soon as possible thereafter.

Conference Information
Hotel Reservation Form
Travel Information
Conference Fee and Meals

CFP: Urban and regional political economy stream, IIPPE conf, May 2011

The Neoliberalism Working Group is seeking to put together a panel/stream proposal for the 2nd International IIPPE Conference in Istanbul in May. We are looking for interested people; e.g. presenters, discussants, etc. Please get in touch with Kean ( if you would like to be involved.

Proposed Panel/Stream: Have We Ever Been Neoliberal?

The IIPPE Financialisation Working Group is pleased to announce four more additions to their Working paper series by Ivan Lesay, Avgitidou Athina, G.C. Harcourt and Jan Toporowski. Read More.

See Conferences and Meetings for more information.

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